Why CWE Symposium?

"At the beginning of this year, I joined Tanzania Heart Babies Project as a member and now, I’m currently VP External. The fact that the club focuses on raising funds to sponsor operations for Tanzanian babies born with congenital heart disease further encouraged me to promote this cause due to its intentions on improving children’s lives. What motivates me the most about being part of such a keen and active group of individuals is the synergy sparked by the team when planning events and activities in order to raise awareness for Tanzanian babies.

The past term we conducted various successful events such as the “Hakuna Matata Coffee House” and contributed as charity on focus for several occasions. And now, the time has come to share with the UBC community why we support this cause through the Child Welfare and Empowerment Symposium this 14th of March. What excites me the most about this conference is the collaborations we’ll have with different clubs on campus such as Operation Smile, UBC Free the Children and Turkish Student Society. We’ll hold a series of workshops to further develop the theme of child development and to unite the most important values each club represents to motivate the UBC community into contributing to the different causes. "

-Isabel Vidri