The President's Words

"I have always been fascinated by philanthropy and community service; the mere desire to play a role in positively impacting the lives of others is something my parents sought to inspire within me, at a very young age. Today, I thank God for making it possible for me to work with Tanzania Heart Babies Project, a student-led initiative that is truly passionate about transforming the lives of these children by sponsoring their very urgent cardiac surgeries conducted in India.

Many say that necessity is the mother of invention; while that is true in many cases, especially the private sector, I fear that not much is being done for the world’s least privileged, those who need innovation, creativity and problem-solving more than all of us. Hence, I maintain that a lens that is blind to our children’s survival is itself impoverished. God has given us two hands, one to help ourselves, and the other, to be of service to others. This is why I joined Tanzania Heart Babies Project, and my heart has never been happier, since I’m confident that the effort my team makes contributes immensely to developing a favorable, brighter and more secure reality for impacted families.

Leadership is about bringing forward tangible hope towards a people, and persevering in the art of creating a better and brighter reality, regardless of the obstacles and challenges placed on one’s path. This ideal is what THBP truly stands by and I’m excited for the upcoming Child Welfare and Empowerment (CWE) Symposium. The CWE will expose UBC students and other attendees to the dialogic process of critically analyzing the parasitic issues sucking the blood out of the efforts put in place to promote child development, healthcare and education. In addition, CWE attendees will participate in workshops that will explore potential solutions that can be implemented by student leaders like ourselves, contributing to various humanitarian and community service projects. I am indeed excited about Tanzania Heart Babies Project’s collaboration with Operation Smile, Free the Children and the Turkish Student Association.

So, make sure you join us in the Global Lounge on March 14th, it is going to be a fantastic conference, and we would love to share and learn with you.
Karibuni! Welcome!"

Ruddy Ndina