March 14th- The Big Day!

"I am excited for the CWE Symposium to bring together a large and diverse group of students on campus/outside campus discussing and finding solutions to issues concerning child health and development. This is in many ways what we strive for doing in THBP as well, and I am excited to get new input and ideas that can help our project grow! What excites me the most about working with THBP is the diversity of our project that includes individuals from all across the world. I believe such collaboration and commitment from a variety of different individuals will help facilitating support and initiative helping the empowerment of children in developing countries. I am excited to see how far this can take us, and it is really great to see how little one needs to do in order to create change in someone's life! We just need to embrace the fact that we can all do something if we really want to and put effort into doing so. CWE Symposium is a great way of creating awareness and hopefully we will meet new people who are willing to donate or contribute in other ways towards our project!"

- Amanda Gran