54 Tanzanian Children Successfully Operated in India

We are super proud and happy to announce that this past month 54 children were successfully operated in India, which has been the largest group of Tanzanian children. What is even more exciting is that of these 54 children, 10 of them were given a new life through our UBC Tanzania Heart Babies Project team. We are so glad to share this news with all of you and are so proud of our team for their hard work. Furthermore, we cannot thank you all enough for your countless support during our fundraising events.

A shout out to Malaika Kapur who had the amazing opportunity to welcome back these children. We would love to share the video with you where Dr. Kanabar conveys his gratitude.

Thank you once again for all the support and we do hope to help out even more children this year.

Much love,

Tanzania Heart Babies Project