A message For the Heart, From the Heart! 

The Tanzania Heart Babies Project is a poignant story of the plight of children suffering from congenital heart defects in Tanzania. Having lived in Tanzania for most of my life and having had the opportunity to complete my higher education in Vancouver, it is hard for me to visualize a world where children would die needless deaths even before the age of 21. Children in Tanzania suffering from congenital heart diseases die premature deaths because of lack of finance and unavailability of pediatric cardiac surgery facilities of excellence, which is still at its infancy stage in Tanzania. As a passionate team of students from across 7 countries and 4 different continents, we have gathered together to champion this noble cause, share the stories of these children and strive to add a chapter to the life books of these children. This is for their family, their friends and for those who deeply care about these children suffering from heart crippling diseases.

With a heart-crippled child from the Maasai tribe near the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

This project was founded in 1979 by a young Tanzanian doctor, Dr. Rajni Kanabar, and has grown in multifold since then. I have been fortunate enough to have been part of this project since my high school days in Tanzania and see it transforming thousands of lives. On behalf of the entire Tanzania Heart Babies Project team in Vancouver, I would like to profusely thank all our generous donors for their continued support and thank all our benefactors who have helped us save lives. 

Malaika Kapur
Founder and Former President | Tanzania Heart Babies Project, Vancouver

After all, what greater gift can there be than the gift of life itself?
— Dr Rajni Kanabar